[Notice] Under K-HipHop goes global !

Hello everyone !

This is a post adressed to our non-French readers.

When we founded Under K-HipHop last year, our goal was to spread Korean hip hop culture solely in France. However, soon after the blog opened, we noticed that half of our readers were not from here. We even received a few tweets/comments from non-French people, saying that they had to use an online translator to understand our posts. Therefore, we decided to make things easier for you all.

We are launching a Tumblr version of Under K-HipHop where you will be able to find our news articles, biographies and interviews translated into English. This idea was actually inspired by another team (khiphoptranslations) who used to translate our posts from French to English before we went on a hiatus. Since the translations of our old articles and biographies are still available on their Tumblr, we will obviously not translate them again. Instead, we will be focusing on the posts that haven't been translated yet, starting from the interviews.

- Click HERE to access the English version of Under K-HipHop -

The tumblr is still under construction so there might be some broken links or incomplete sections. Everything will be fixed soon, but please bear with us until then. Thank you !

- Under K-HipHop.

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